Designed for power.

Snarl has several features that make it different from any other script. A unique hybrid logogram structure and language independence make it a powerful tool for transcription. Glyph and orientation flexibility allow fascinating artistic applications. And it's designed to be easy to create and read with efficient rules.


Snarl is based on a simple framework of nesting components. The simplest is a single bend of a line, representing a 0 or 1 depending on the direction. A series of bends in a line creates a binary code corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. Multiple lines are attached via a central spine to spell a word, and these words can be intertwined to create sentences and beyond.

Art & Design

The flexible nature of Snarl means it can be adapted to any format or style. Like the Latin alphabet, the information is carried in the general shapes and connections of lines; any size or style will convey the same message. Even the grid lines are based on can be adjusted to suit the design.

Transcription & Rules

Snarl has a well-defined set of rules that ensure properly-formed glyphs have no ambiguity or missing information, while still allowing a significant degree of freedom in the resulting shapes. With a reference table for encoding, Snarl can be hand-written on the fly — or hand-crafted for maximum visual impact.

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